About Bolt Concepts

Sharing the Science of Luck

Why do Chinese people do so well no matter where they go? It is not only intelligence, education and discipline.  We have luck on our side.

Luck is not just chance or accident.  Luck is a force of nature.  And can be harnessed and used by anyone.  By using the Science of Luck.

We are a group of young Chinese artists and designers located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, who want to share the Science of Luck with the world.  We have incorporated into modern everyday wear, the signs and symbols from Chinese history and mythology which have been proven to attract good fortune.  So BOLT is ready-to-wear luck.

Does this stuff work? Does acupuncture? They’ve both been around for thousands of years and are practiced daily by the luckiest and healthiest people on earth.  You decide.

Your good luck begins when you buy any BOLT product. We are artists, not business people.  And we want to create works of art.  So we don’t cut corners on quality anymore than Leonardo Da Vinci did.

Every BOLT product is made of the best materials and to the highest quality standards to let you continue to attract luck for years to come.

Next time you change your clothes, change your luck.

Be Beautiful
Be Blessed
Be Bolt.